America today seems to be in the midst of a great awakening in regards to social consciousness of events occurring around the world. It is quite surprising to discover that it is becoming more acceptable to discuss politics in public and not have people run for the doors.  A couple of years ago most people would be shocked to find themselves getting into political discussions with complete strangers and finding a sense of solidarity because they dislike the same people.  Although discussing politics can cause people to look at the other side with a wayward glance, it is nice that people are taking an active interest in what is going on around them.  One important question that should be considered is should kids be taught about politics.

This may be a matter of opinion, but teaching kids about how the world works at a young age would be a great benefit to society. However, this is something that should be taught in the home by reasonably intelligent parents and not in the school system.  Teaching politics in the school system has traditionally been about the functions of government which is a good thing, but partisan politics which is usually the topic of discussion throughout the news media should be restricted to the home.  If partisan politics is taught in schools that would be akin to indoctrination from a tyrannical authority figure who wishes to bend young minds to their selfish interest.  The people who should be the true stewards of a kid’s education, the parents, are the ones who should teach partisan politics to the next generation.

A great example of student activism is a protest against people whose views are so fundamentally different that they are harmful to the well-being and future of students. As the link showcases, students must be discerning in how they interpret messages from people in power and not just give the benefit of the doubt because they have a pleasant appearance.  This protest shows that these particular students know enough about what is going on in Washington D.C. to spot a threat to their futures a mile away.  Kids are unlikely to know the fine details which means that the parents had a hand in the protest and shows that they are teaching them about the ways of the world.

Kids being aware of injustices against them and protesting is nothing new. Back in the 1940’s, a multicultural group called the Youth Builders led a protest against a comic book character who was an offensive stereotype.   People can look back on that time and write off such characters as offensive and think as a country we have moved on from this a great deal. However, these types of stories must be told not only to draw inspiration from, but to remember that if a protest can work on such a small scale such as getting an offensive character out of a comic book, it is possible that various methods of protest can accomplish great change when properly planned.


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