On Saturday, April 22, 2017 Making It to The Finish Line will be hosting the annual fundraiser for the charity.  It would be a great service to the community if you could either attend the dinner dance or make a contribution of any size at http://www.mittfl.org that would be great.  Also if you could get a friend to make a donation of any size that would be a fantastic way of showing support for a nonprofit that has helped out the community for years.  The following list are the top ten reasons that you should support our efforts. 

1.      It is a way of showing support for kids who live in the Metro Detroit area.

2.      The money goes toward beneficial activities that kids can learn from. 

3.      Goes to support efforts to get kids to do things that does not involve social media, video games, etc. 

4.      Helps us expand our efforts to support the community with other activities beyond the annual cotillion ball.

5.      The donation of $25 is tax deductible.  

6.      Not only is this another chance to play dress up, but it honors an unsung time and place important in history.

7.      Harlem symbolizes a time and place that is the epitome sophistication and dynamism. 

8.      There will be a live disc jockey instead of music coming from a lifeless machine.

9.      A prize will be given to the best dressed male and female. 

10.  There will be raffle prizes. 


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