Taking care of the mind is as important as taking care of the body.  Think of the saying, that the body is a temple, and what that means.  This saying stresses the importance of taking care of the physical body by being aware of what we put into our bodies.  In this day and age, it appears that people do not take care of their bodies, because whenever a story in the media is about the health of the country, the story involves obesity.  The word epidemic is often used in these stories, yet there seems to be no solution to solving this problem.

Diet and exercise are the usual solutions given, but the problem with this solution is that no specific solutions are given in media reports on what type of diet and exercise is needed to stay physically healthy.  This presupposes that a one size fits all approach will solve the problem and that it is easy for people to find the right diet and time to exercise.  The way the discussion goes is problematic because diet is related to access and availability of food.  In the city of Detroit fast food places are in abundance, but grocery stores are hard to come by.  It is possible to take a walk and enjoy nature, but the elements may put those plans off for a while.

Another impediment to having a physically healthy lifestyle is knowledge of the proper diet and exercise routine.  Although there are some universal guidelines to what is good for a person and what is bad; individual results may vary.  Knowing what is good for a person and what is bad for a person is essential to living a healthy lifestyle.  For example, if a person has an allergy to a known food source, they should not follow the recommended guidelines because being exposed to an allergen could make their health worse.  Also, people are not educated properly on the best health options.  In an ideal situation schools would have health classes that would educate them, but access to funds is a barrier in some communities.  Schools do have gym class and recess which is great, but without the diet side of the equation being properly balanced the physical activity will not be effective.

Making It to The Finish Line is attempting to do our part to help the community strike the proper balance between diet and exercise.  We are in the process of starting a program called Move More-Eat Better.  This program is in the beginning stages and we are working out all of the details to shape the program into a tremendous benefit to the community.  This proposed fourteen-week program emphasizes cooperation as a way to meet the goal of a healthy lifestyle.  Right now you can help the program by offering suggestions, tips, and personal experience about healthy lifestyle choices, or attempts to live a healthy lifestyle.  More details about the program as further developments are reached.


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