Throughout history the role of women has often been a subservient one.  Of course women have played an important role in society today from giving birth, taking care of children, to sacrificing their own happiness and ambitions to help others.  If this is the role of women cast by evolution, or a conspiracy by powerful men, society has run with this script for centuries and it has remained unchanged in the grand scheme of things.  The position women hold in society has changed rapidly over the past few decades, especially in industrialized nations, but they still lag far behind their male counterparts.  This fact gets mentioned from time to time, but not much has been done to seriously address this issue that would have lasting effects.

Discrepancies between men and women are often rationalized away; almost suggesting that this is an evolutionary byproduct of nature as opposed to institutional forces at play.  The problem with the vast inequalities between men and women is that some households are headed by women.  If a woman is the head of the household and women have a lower quality of life than men, that will have detrimental effects on the family structure.  Kids who have less resources in which to go through life are more likely to be left behind their peers who have more resources.  This fact gets to the heart of the problems involving income inequality and future outcome of kids.

Looking through school history books, the reader would get the impression that women sat around the house and waited until the man arrived home.   Anyone who has truly studied history beyond what is presented in text books knows this is not the case.  Not knowing the contributions that women have made throughout history harms both men and women throughout society.  Men will think that women have nothing to contribute beyond a subservient role, and women think they have nothing to contribute, which harms their self-esteem.  Think from the standpoint of national holidays: in this country we have no holidays honoring women at all.  Very few women have made it onto currency and a few more were honored with stamps, but that is about as far as it goes for nationally honoring women.

Making It to The Finish Line has made it a mission to empower women.  Originally, the organization was intended for young women, but has since expanded to helping young men.  In order to bring a different perspective to the usual history narrative; in the near future this blog will provide a brief overview of women who have made significant contributions throughout American history.  It is important that these stories are told because people should be recognized for the hard work that they have done, especially making society more equal.   The upcoming articles featured in this blog will definitely educate anyone who reads it.


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