Violence is an inescapable fact of societies across human civilization.  From the early caveman and well into the future, human beings have been and will be fighting for one reason or another.   The difference between past generations and more modern times is that as a civilized society- we now believe that there are other ways to solve problems than to inflict harm upon other human beings. The enlightenment was the spark that lit the idea that reason could be used to solve problems instead of violence.  Fast forward centuries later and human beings are still trying to figure that problem out.

Kids today are inundated with violence coming from various forms: be it video games, television news, neighborhoods, and the text books in history class.  Seeing and knowing about violence does not mean that a person will become violent, but a constant exposure can have devastating effects on a person’s mind; especially a young mind.  Trying to keep a young person from exposure to violence is a fruitless endeavor, but long term effects can be mitigated if reasonable alternatives are presented.  The unfortunate thing about society today is that not everyone is presented with reasonable alternative than to resort to violence.  Using violence as a problem solving method creates a cycle that is difficult to break out of.

As a Detroit area nonprofit organization Making It to The Finish Line is dedicated to providing kids with just such alternatives.  For all intents and purposes, we function as an after school program allowing kids to do something in their spare time.  The life experience of each of the program participants varies, but they will gain an experience that will benefit their education.  This is not to say that we are the first or last line of defense in keeping kids off the street, but we are just doing our part as civic minded citizens.  We have the belief that we are all in this together and helping to keep kids off the streets benefits not just the community, but society as a whole.

The main thrust of Making It to The Finish Line is to provide seasonal events that require practice and effort on the part of the kids.  An excellent example of an event that we provide is a talent show that allows kids to compete for scholarships.  The competition categories include comedy, singing, musicianship, and so much more.  Another example is the Cotillion Ball which captures the aura of fairy tales like Snow White.  These are just some of the perennial events we have, and we are looking to have more events to help the community.

Preventing violence is a community effort and needs as many participants as possible.  As a nonprofit we are looking for people who are willing to help.  If you or anyone you know can volunteer your time and energy you can call Gladys at 313-460-0596.


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