Making It to The Finish Line is dedicated to improving the lives of people living in the Detroit community.  The events that we sponsor such as evening of excellence, tools for school, cotillion ball, and so many others are designed to help the community.  Because we are a nonprofit organization that has been around since 2001 we have proven our dedication to helping others out of the kindness of our hearts.  The reason this organization thrives is because we truly know the meaning of community.

At its core, a community is about the social bonds that binds people together.  A community could be made up of diffuse elements of people whom may never have made contact with each other such as a gaming community, blogger community, chapters of a specific union and many other groups with a common interest.  Making It to The Finish Line’s stresses the benefits of human interaction because social skills are necessary to make it in society today.  Computer interaction is a useful tool in today’s society it is a poor substitute for the experience and learning that people get from each other.  Past events has utilized computers and gaming, but that was only a small part of any planned event.

Having strong social bonds is the defining aspect of the health of the community.  In society today people have less meaningful face-to-face interaction than in times past, and we are doing our part to help reverse this trend.  We seek to foster a collaborative environment by specifically designing events that allow for the kids to have a great degree of social interaction with each other and their mentors.  We do recognize the importance of social media and its role in kids lives, it lacks the sense of intimacy that a person can find interacting with one another.

Giving back is a major part of how Making It to The Finish Line strengthens the community.  Specifically, the tools for school gives kids the materials they need to begin the school year off on the right track.  The scholarships that are given out as part of our evening of excellence provides kids with help in offsetting college expenses.  The cotillion ball teaches kids how to interact with each other in a formal setting by emphasizing character building.  Most importantly, it gives kids something to do and a place to go that is a safe and harmonious environment.

Broadly put Making It to The Finish Line is all about enhancing community relations.  We recognize the importance of instilling these values in kids while they are young in the hopes that they carry these values into adulthood.  As a nonprofit made up of people from the community, we are looking to involve people in the community to help out the organization.  If you know anyone who is willing to give their time and skills call 313-460-0596.


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