Throughout the lifespan of Making It to The Finish Line there has been numerous accomplishments.  These successes did not happen in a vacuum and only came to fruition because the community came together and made the events planned a success.  As great as what has been accomplished so far we are looking to expand on our successes in the coming years.  Here is a list of some of the ways that the community has benefited from Making It to The Finish Line’s contributions.

  • Project Success is a program that mentored girls from grades six to eight at Murphy Middle School in November 2002 to March 2003.
  • The summer of 2003 saw a four-week program called Summer Jamboree. The kids received computer training, spiritual enrichment, storytelling opportunities, movies, games, along with arts and crafts.
  • Giving Christmas baskets every year since 2004 through Target’s Adopt-A-Tree program.
  • January 2004 we sponsored a fourteen-week employment readiness program called “A New You.”
  • In April 2005 many young women received clothes through the Special Moment Clothes Closet program. Sixty women received prom dresses courtesy of Diana’s Bridal boutique; allowing them to experience prom night without going into debt.

There are many more ways that Making It to The Finish Line can help the community.  We are looking toward reviving some of the old programs and thinking of new ways of helping the community.  As previously stated none of this would be possible without the community coming together and looking after the well-being of the kids.  If you or anyone else wants to get involved you can visit or call 313-460-0596.


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